Monday, 27 April 2015

Mirror Inspector. A job I can see myself doing

you need to be logged in to log out. please log in to log out.Actually quite nice to get back to school and we were tasked with making a 'Scratch' animation about Romans for the Year 3s. Because it was only for the Year 3s we were told specifically to only use half of our brains so as not to overload the poor little tiny people and their limited powers of comprehension.
I did a section on sewers (what have the Romans ever done for us) and inserted a picture of a man pulling a face and clutching his willy. Then he says Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it.
warner brothers harry potter studio tour items from shopRight at the end of the day I was just getting my coat when the 2 Boys Who Might Do Better In A Special School bundled me into the cupboard again in their haste and I scraped my ear, which is above average size, and it hurt lots. Minor incidents like this colour my report of the whole day.
This is just some of the booty I won (at vast expense) at Harry Potter World. I've been telling Erin all about the Hogwarts Express, she might have to go again.
At Cub Scouts we were warned to wear wet weather gear and bring gloves for litter-picking. We scoured the church land for litter and my team won, I found a functioning pen and someone else found 2 giant water bottles. This goes towards a badge, but the running-the-gauntlet-of-the-water-gun wasn't. Those with the longest hair got the wettest.

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