Monday, 1 December 2014

Random is as Random does

safety funny fail sparks shooting at compressed gas cylindersSo last week we bought an Xmas tree online and we've made the list and checked it twice and all that good stuff. But we've got no tree. So we rang the shop and they said we haven't lost it, honest, we just don't know where it is. Srsly? You 'can't find' an 8 foot tree?
lego star wars darth vader in santa xmas uniformportsmouth 5th cub scouts milton st jamesIn other news, I have an advent calendar. But in this modern secular age of reason, we have exchanged the 'reality' of religion for a different world of make-believe. The Jolly Fat Man in window 6 is ... Darth Vader in Santa uniform. There's also a festive droid and tie fighters carousing in the snow.
I opened my first door (after Jof and I dismantled the whole box by accident) and I got an armoured assault tank!
At school I got another merit certificate - for excellent programming in MSW Logo. And so I should hope, on Cyber Monday. Shame it wasn't Cyborg Monday.
In Cub Scouts we made christingles which are decorated oranges with a candle stuck in the top.
I will miss the actual church service but we all got stuck in and gamely stabbed marshmallows and raisins and each other with toothpicks. We played Murder-Detective and when the murderer winks at you, you have to die and Louis was the winker and when he winked Finlay and I, we said we were headless chickens committing suicide, as you do.

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