Monday, 15 December 2014

A Terminator walks into a Bar ...

mcjobs sign for liberal arts graduates funny.... and the bargirl says, I like a man with a gleam in his eye.
Well, I got even more Xmas cards from my friends and we unloaded even more cardboard box components from the back of the car and only just made it across the busy main road carrying vast sheets of cardboard without anyone noticing. I pretended we were Cyberdyne Systems executives secretly ditching parts of destroyed Terminator without the No Such Agency finding out.
minecraft logon screen on computerBut then my wildest dreams came true, honest, when he bought me Minecraft on the computer after battling with the remote logon sequencer and the poxy proxy retrograde router and all those other little barriers that online vendors erect for you.
I'd barely killed my third horse when Ben arrived, he's an expert and was able to tell me how to eat an apple, although I did kill a lantern while doing it.
bluebird beaver leader retires milton 5th portsmouth scout groupAt Scouts, the whole Beaver and Cub sections gathered together in one place and unaccountably failed to do the parrot sketch because we were too busy attacking each other with balloons. Ben and I both did the 1 long balloon and 2 round balloons thing, what Scout Xmas party would be complete without a couple of gibbons jumping around with inflatable gonads. We played party games and Bluebird retired and was replaced by somebody's grandfather and we waved our rubber genitalia in joy.
OK, so I was too busy to say hello to Jof when I got back due to Love Of Minecraft, but she made me dinner anyway.

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