Thursday, 18 December 2014

Slaying the Ender-Dragon

tie up your children for xmas silence funny parenting failsWell a really boring day at school, we had 2 hours of praising and nobody was praising me at all. I've told them what I think of their religion and still they spout. Perhaps in Belgian schools they Brussels spout.
minecraft diamond sword and nativity manger scene in frenchAnyway we did that awful times table test again and I got 119, still not good enough. We all had to do Xmas cards for parents so I did one in French with Joseph and Marie, un ange, une etoile and the baby Jésus in the brazier in the potting shed.
But I did an extra one for Bud with all his favourite things ie a sword with diamond pommel, sapphire hilt, golden blade and blood, everybody should have one.
I am allowed an hour of Minecraft per day and while he painted I slayed the Ender-Dragon which entailed lots of burping noises combined with the bowel sounds of a sheepish yet colicky gnu. Tomorrow is school Xmas party day with added festive jumpers.

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