Friday, 26 December 2014


wightlink ferry fishbourne to portsmouth clarence pier Still bloated from yesterday, I wanted to play Jof at Pirate Golf at Clarence Pier. This was a perfectly respectable plan so we waited long enough for the weather to turn to sleet and went down there.
One bracing walk to the Round Tower later, we reconsidered any outside activity, and hit the arcades instead to warm up. I'm really good at the shove-10p game and went through £5 worth of 10ps in no time at all! Then I persuaded them that Pirate Petes was the place to be, although nobody else agreed with me as I was the only kid there.
pirate petes clarence pier southsea We played hunter-killer and stalked each other round the complex throwing ball-pit balls at each other, he got me in the willy, Jof dislocated her arm because she's such a rubbish throw and we all warmed up to the point of being hot and sweaty. Just as we were going, some other kids arrived but we'd had the place to ourselves the whole time.

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