Monday, 8 December 2014

Loco Gringo Mungo

buffalo freezing weather climate change jetstreamIt's still pretty cold. It makes my ears and fingers go blue when I ride my scooter. Meanwhile, Grandad is on a 3-week cruise around the Malaysian peninsula, as you do when you're 85 and miss the tropical sun. Can't wait until I'm 85, then I'll go cruising around Singapore, er.
During school we were making Xmas decorations and our teacher Miss M said we're not allowed glitter in the school because it gets into the carpet but here's some I purchased earlier on the sly, try to keep it in the trays and don't tell anyone. Then the head-teacher came through the classroom and saw it and totally busted Miss M and shouted and all the glitter went on the floor anyway apart from the trays belonging to our special pupils who eat it so let's all look forward to angry hoovers and glittery bowel movements tomorrow.
times tables grid practise maths homeworkSo when we got home I was tasked with posting the Xmas cards to some of my girlfriends, sorry, female acquaintances. Rather than simply posting them through their front doors, Jof said I should use the special SantaMail box (Santranet, hoho) that all schools have, so I secretly infiltrated the enemy barracks of the Junior school and completed my mission. Of course, who did I meet but all 3 of the girlies I was Xmas-carding so we all walked out together anyway.
Bud is painting with UV-sensitive paints (think how many secret messages you could leave!) but I chose to read Harry Potter 4, there's hope for me yet. But I also had to do yet another times-table grid. You have to do these practise grids if you don't improve your test score by at least 5 points. But if you keep getting 3 more than last time, surely it will rapidly become an arithmetical impossibility? Who am I to know about maths, anyway. I read so much I didn't get to my chocolate trough until ten past nine.

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