Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Dinner

windowcleaner good job glass is invisibleXmas dinner at school was dried turkey with sausage and gravy and ice cream. Didn't stop me wanting a snack afterwards, though.
lollipop lady stop sign children crossing stop hammertimeThen we posted some ammunition to a customer but told the post office it was an ornament which is entirely true for a given value of true.
At home 2 nice chaps replaced a fallen roof slate (lost during recent windy weather) for us while I helped get yet more cardboard out of the car and into the garage. We must be selling some really big bullets, maybe a Minenwerfer or something.
junkpile in garage portsmouth football club flagI could get right behind the pile, almost reminds me of the days of yore when us kids got cardboard castles to play in while the parents talked about beer (see link on right hand side of page to the excellent "Cardboard, Joy of Box"). In fact, we mapped out a footprint for a potential use of the cardboard boxes thus far collected and they would take up most of my room, and let's be fair, I have a spare dining table in my bedroom.
Welcome to the end of the week, although not for poor old Jof who has to work tomorrow.

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