Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Fire, Lord Vader!

tempting cat with tuna tinToday was another of those in-between days with not a lot on the agenda. But Grandad (half-past 80) got back from his 3-week tropical cruise last night so we visited him in his manor.
grove place nursling southampton retirement communityAfter stopping off to buy emergency cereal (Bud stole Jof's Sultana Bran, big mistake), we got to Grandad with 4 minutes to spare and I turned down the offer of a wooden back-scratcher and I chose a green oriental hat for Jof. Grandad insisted on asking me all sorts of questions about angles and time zones and circuits and stuff, honestly, you'd have thought he was some kind of engineering lecturer or summat. In response, I lay on the floor and fidgeted and gurned and did the Ministry of silly walks until he'd finished. I also confidently asserted that the reason for night-time was because the moon got in the way of the sun.
C-1 EML-75 12CM No10 580°C 260°C bofors 12cm navalincludes exclusive darth vader mimifigureLunch at his manor restaurant is always too posh for me, I want sausages with mash but ate most of a jacket potato to keep the peace. I was just about to read even more Harry Potter 5 when he said let's go for a walk, because Jof had told him to, for I was up at midnight last night saying I wasn't tired. We walked under the motorway and found the pub that Grandad likes to have lunch at, one of those walks where I don't want to go but then I love it. I also wanted to play snooker. Grandad and I are both quite short but then again, the snooker table is quite big.
Popping in to his work again, we picked up a Bofors 12cm shell from a Dutch naval gun, sooner or later one will be taller than me.
The 24th means I could open my last Star Wars Advent Calendar window! Of course, I got Christmas Vader, that well-known character from all the best bible stories. Then we pigged on cake, lit the lounge fire and watched 101 Dalmatians, Muppets, Lego Movie and all the Xmas classics to the tune of several million drunk people outside singing Ra-ra-Ooof! This is normal. Happy Xmas to all, may your children be as quiet as a mouse in an Ackbar trap.

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