Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A Time-Capsule too far

police tv report headline funny failWell, he finally woke me up at 10 something, and for why, I ask you. Promising me a tour of duty with Pops, I accompanied him to the bottle-bank and met we Popsmum who said she'd left yesterday for the stony wastes of the north. So I basically got out of bed for nothing, and played Minecraft to cheer myself up. So while he swept out the garage I got Minecraft, TV, Harry Potter and lazing generally until Jof phoned and said get the party box out of the loft and see what's in it.
We discovered a time capsule from years gone by. There were:
many bags of those plastic pirates' treasure coins that you play hide'n'seek with. Bags of those little plastic cups you win, and some medals ditto.
Large amounts of plastic whistles, hooters, blatters and tweetlers of all shapes and sizes, the recorder-style whistles (for which we were banned from Pirate Pete's).
Some Xmas blarters some of which unrolled and even fewer of which hooted.
party bags from young childrens birthdays
 Articulated plastic snakes in garish colours, neon hairspray which had lost their colours, party poppers, Pompey napkins in the shape of shirts, used birthday candles, balloons that had melted together with age, bubble mixture (mostly empty), flattened trumpets with princesses on, pencils, party bags, Xmas lights (non-functional), keyrings (rusty), Chinese checkers and sticker sets out of some very low-budget Xmas crackers and some of those games where you tilt the maze and move the ball-bearing around (missing).
Then at last the clue we'd all been waiting for. A single, used birthday candle in the shape of a 4.
What a lot of recycling.

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