Thursday, 4 December 2014

School Trip - Moors Valley Country Park

pinocchio wanking funny don't let me catch you againSo looking forward to today that I got up at 7am and ran through to wake Jof up. Of course we had all the time in the world.
I have been given the camera for our school trip to Moors Valley Country Park.
forestry commission tree top trail meon junior school outingMoors Valley is on the way to Grandads' old place, we passed it last weekend. We took a coach which seemed to go on forever and the place is full of pine trees. Miss M's camera ran out of battery so she used mine! Thus I am magically in some of my own pictures although most are blurred or have gurning kiddies at close range.
We did activities which included Pixie Potion (blue-dyed water) and clay-on-a-stick, there's a good reason for everything in this world, even if you don't know what it is.
weights and dims shipping cardboard packing boxesBut there were also wooden log hut things that looked like turtles and wooden ants and giant mushrooms and oodles of slides and climbing frames and the highlight was the raised walkway (Tree Top Trail) where we were encouraged by East Dorset County Council to walk quietly and espy some local wildlife, no chance of that. I bought a football in the shop. It was quite cold.
I want to go back because we barely did half of it, I'm sure we'll make up a reason to go that way again, preferably in the summer.
We were late back because of the long return coach journey but it was a brilliant day.
Afterwards we boxed up all the goods to sell on Ebay and I did the weights and measurements for postage purposes. Jofs' human-measuring scales were no good at all so we used the kitchen ones.
meon junior school on school outing pine forest forestry commission

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