Monday, 29 December 2014

Now we are 9

ten pin bowling gunwharf portsmouth
office party over-doing it funny fail And a special greeting to anyone else lucky enough to share my birthday. Had I woken up early, I would have heard the sounds of a hundred huffy people wielding the windscreen scrapers of unhappiness, but I didn't, so poo to them.
It was still seriously frosty when Jof and I went shopping by Slow-Bus into a curiously busy town centre and had toasted sandwiches in M&S, the rest of the day was spent lounging.
gunwharf shopping centre christmas decorationsMy Royal Birthday Tribute added up to £160 this year which was enough for the blue Lego Cargo Train (888 pieces, including 28 bits of railway track!) so that is on magic cyber-order, let's hope it isn't City-Link delivering it.
Last week's birthday treat was a visit to the Pyramids for waterslide attack. This week was 2 games of skittles at Bowl-O-Rama in Gunwharf where I tried very hard indeed but got somewhat miffed about coming last in the first game so there was a sudden flurry of balls going straight down the drainpipe from my esteemed opponents and I came second in the second game.
We had the lane with the slope at the far end, the balls trundle on down but then make a sudden leap into the left-hand drainpipe just before knocking over all the skittles, well that's what we're saying.
Later I rang Grandad to say thank-you for the Just William book and he said he'd put some mince pies in the microwave for too long and set them on fire.

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