Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Chocolate Zombies

twitter temper tantrum stupid childFailed to set my alarm so relied on Jof, who turned hers off. We're getting really good at teamwork with super-fast showers and breakfasts etc, I still got to school on time.
After school Ben and I walked home talking about the school trip tomorrow, where we've been warned to expect a long (50 minutes) country walk with no hope of toilets. Of course, us chaps are not fazed by this, for behind every tree is a handy latrine unless you need a more data-heavy download. But the girls are not so lucky and we haven't quite got their biology clear in our minds but then it was a short logical hop to chatting about chocolate zombies biting off each others' penises when food got short.
At home our giant Xmas baubles have arrived which has completed the mantelpiece display of red shiny nobs.
brass shell casings collection with xmas baubles in top We played a bit of Lego and took coats to the tundra in the park but didn't wear them due to running around.
It was the usual story of run, football, swinging basket, Owen and LittleMax included, and a game where the football was a grenade and everybody shot everyone else for putting their heads over the parapet but nobody died until Bud threw the ball at me and I burst into tears for 30 seconds.
We've nearly got 50% of the RSVP slips back for our party, you'd have thought that people'd be keener to claim a space at the blow-up blowout.

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