Thursday, 25 December 2014

Socks Reunited for Xmas

presents in front of the xmas tree getting socks out from behind a radiatorUp an hour early (9 am) to sort out the presents, which is always the job of the shortest person in the house. Then I used a ruler to retrieve 8 odd socks and 1 pair of pants from behind the radiator, families should be together for Xmas.
I got a LED torch and a remote controlled speedboat and a Nerf gun and some chocolate and Lego. Jof got some scratchcards and cookbooks, Bud doesn't get yohoho anymore but he did get a bottle of rum.
£84 worth of scratchcards for XmasJof said we had to run around in the park so we all played silly football until a large Alsatian horse-dog came running up and ate my football that I got from Nanna, puncturing it to death. To make me feel better, we had a scratchcard session. We didn't do very well.
Jof made us a very complicated lunch and for the mandatory slouch-fest afterwards we sat (with tummies undulating) in front of Die Harder, the one in the airport, then I completely refused to watch Frozen because it's for girls. She read a book, he watched Star Trek, I minecrafted, all in separate rooms. That's what Xmas is all about! Reading Harry Potter, I turned off my own bedside light at 11pm.    Happy Xmas to all!

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