Wednesday, 17 December 2014

How many Roads must a Man walk down

i'm gonna tap that so hard looks like dead mother sexual confusion
...before he steps in some dog poo. About 0.3, I think.
Collected Ben and sang "Uncle Billy lost his willy ..." all the way home, where we played with my Nerf Gun, the one that I got from Santa who got it from Jof, that must be the circle of life people keep going on about.
It was dark and raining by the time we normally go to the park so we invented a variant on Football called Futbol, in which you lie on your back and play keepy-uppy with a balloon and try not to lose it on the Lego table or (for maximum points) into the bin.
schoolboys on bedroom floorlego table and medals on bedpostBut due to bad spelling we called it Fukbol instead, loud and often. My memory clearly shows that Bud says we can use swears in the house, but then again, that same memory does not show that last week us boys were told off yet again for me not finishing my supper after pigging royally on the proceeds of the chocolate cupboard during TV time. So that happened again, of course.
Then Ben played my Minecraft world but we did discover some useful tips such as how to eat, and hold your sword at an angle, so we had that going for us, which was nice.
Last thing at night, I finished Harry Potter 4.

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