Wednesday, 10 December 2014

It takes 3 to Mungo

windscreen cleaner superpiss funnyGot an ICT award today for coming top of the class in programming shapes. I expect by the time I get to the jobs market, web design will be a dead field and it'll be all hunting and gathering again.
Took an afternoon off to read Potter while he put 10 lots of brass shell casings on eBay, that'll clear the garage out a bit.
american express that'll do nicely sir hedgehog sandwichThen I finished my maths homework and chucked the completed sheet over the banisters where it floated down of its own accord and landed on the desk under the stairs right on my school-bag.
Then curiously he said that'll do nicely, sir, and would you like to rub my tits as well so we had a 30-second lecture on late seventies jet-set advertising and the Hedgehog Sandwich.

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