Sunday, 21 December 2014

When you see it ...

Well, we were all a bit quiet this morning after the very very busy day yesterday. We all picked over what we might have said or done at the PuddleParty and then voted to forget it anyway.
We have our own PuddleParty in not very long so we've all been preparing for it in our own little ways: I've been playing Minecraft, Jof's been learning how to use the slow cooker and Bud has been collecting cardboard, everyone should have a hobby.
Now, I know it's for a Cardboard Castle, because I've been pestering him for ages to make one and I've told all my friends and he can't go back on it now. So while Jof kindly went shopping so we didn't have to, we started to create the behemoth with all the bits of pallet we've been keeping in the garage, all to his secret plan he wouldn't tell me about. Gradually it took shape, although I must point out it was about 9 hours of building, not kidding. OK, it looked good. A 3-room box, it takes up most of my bedroom and we had to move a lot of furniture into other rooms. At one point, Jof came in to see how we were doing and she got in it and poked her head out of the windows and skylights. We got on it, and danced on the roof to prove how strong it is. Johnny and Robert's mum said don't forget they've grown a bit since the last box, perhaps a 2 or 3-level box isn't such a good idea. This is a good point. It has in fact been 2 and a 1/4 years since Box 8, see the "Cardboard, Joy of Box" link at the right hand side of the page for a full explanation that'll make you want to be a kid again.
So we drove up to Bud's workplace (yes, that is his desk with pictures of some handsome supermodel on his locker) and collected another lid and 3 more strengtheners from the recycling bins and made off before the suspicious security guard could ask us WTF we were doing, although he did open the gate for us. The wind was strong and we nearly flew away getting the giant sheets to the car. The roof of the box is now an inch and a half thick, the adults could get on it and not have problems.
It was only when we added the last vital component that I suddenly realised exactly what it is, you honestly would not know until that final stage. Then I laughed so much Jof came in to find out and she laughed as well and nearly said bad words and "Epic-est" isn't a real word but it is now.
Then we watched Harry Potter 4, every time I finish a book I get to watch the film. A book called "Swedish housewives" has been slipped into my reading pile, don't know why.

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