Friday, 5 December 2014

As Cold as Brain Surgery

gameshow guest trick funnyA bit cold for me, like being trepanned by a north wind. I have genetic memories of arid wastes, burning sands and parched foothills that don't sit well with this country.
In school our teacher copied the photos from our class expedition yesterday (for I am the official class photographer) and gave me 2 packets of Smarties in payment! Much better than that bearded chap who offered wine gums in return for photos of the PE changing rooms.
We took Harry home today for he is occasionally homeless, Jof likes him more than Ben because although we immediately repair to my room for biscuits and Lego, we're quieter. So you still get the 'Nyaaarg blata-blata-gnyurd eeeooo digadoga-I'm too young to die wheeoo [noise of machine guns]', but at a sufficiently sedated level so you could pretend the house is not, in fact, hosting a battle between 3 Police boats and an outsized tank from the Tank Museum in Dorset.
In swimming the teacher took my advice about leg training with the floats but made us do kiddie dives from a sitting position. I mean, srsly, how young does she think we are?
Tomorrow is Tinstallation Day, where we install tinsel and put up the Xmas tree!

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