Sunday, 14 December 2014

Mein Kraft

watching minecraft video on youtubeAccompanied Jof round the supermarket in a failed bid to empty their shelves of everything. I don't mind shopping and secretly added a butternut squash to the trolley because I saw one being used on Masterchef. Jof got Xmas woollen booties with tassels and bobbles and pompoms and I refused to have anything to do with them.
But all I really want (today) is Minecraft for the computer. I spend ages on Youtube watching 2 permanently surprised stoners amble around a blocky imaginary world killing skeletons and breeding sheep and using all the rude words and I want to do it too so mentioned it only 7 or 8 hundred times until I was sent out.
cup cakes with reindeer faces pretzel earsJof tried out her new slow-cooker and has made Reindeer cakes for the party and they're all strange in their own little ways, looks like someone's been eating the wrong mushrooms again.

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