Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Sad Spot

Today is the last day of me being 8. I finally stirred at tennish, Jof says I must be the only kid in the world that has to be woken up on Xmas day.
First thing I did was play Minecraft naked, the Zombies don't know so I didn't mind. Jof discovered something called the "Sad Spot". This is a large drawing I did in pen on my desk, but underneath it, drawn from a sitting position under the desk when I was using it as a sulk-zone. It was my job to spray it with cleaner and scrub it off again, while Jof undertook the annual dusting of the booze cupboard.
2 models in one lego technic vehicle set
Later I assisted in an inventory count of the party stock of chocs, kiddie juices and adult juices in the garage and made a most amusing hash of the spellings of things like Kahlua and Prosecco. Other Friends Andrew and Louise came round and gave me a Lego Technic 2-in-1 thing that builds either a plane or a hovercraft-type thing and I used their visit as an excuse for another couple of hours of Minecraft (not naked).
I made the plane first, it was too complicated for Jof (8-14) but I persevered and it lands really well on the vast expanse of cardboard in my bedroom and it has 2 yellow pistons that go in and out when you turn the propeller. I have a wobbly tooth.

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