Friday, 19 December 2014

Crime Fashionnel

holiday swimming pool diving board failToday is Christmas Jumper Day so Jof got me a selection, one that looks like the US flag of freedom (eagle not included), one with droids on and an almost Christmassy but quite restrained jumper, which I chose.
SPRING! The time for going up to a heavily pregnant woman and saying I know what you did last summer.
tourist attraction photograph with selfie stick health and safety failRecently I was watching Zapatou's Best of 2014 on Youtube and a lot of the base-jumpers and skyscraper-climbers use selfie sticks, probably the best use of this invention. But as for all the tourists holding up these glorified broomsticks at head height on the pavements outside our historic buildings ... hit me with my selfie stick, hit me slowly, hit me quick.
So at school we had the Xmas party with many snacks so none of us ate our packed lunches. Thus when we brought Ben home (BensMum at work Xmas party) we refused to have a snack at all. This is perhaps more to do with us both having too many snacks yesterday, I got told off for not eating supper and Ben vomited lots. But today is the Friday at the end of the universe so who cares.
We watched Best of Web 7 - HD Zapatou which is the mashup of all the best stunts, tricks and youtube wonders of the last year as put together by a Canadian. We liked it so much we watched it 3 times and in honour, made this, our annual Xmastime official photo involving 2 selfie-sticks which are actually spare curtain rods out of the loft. We are both wearing our Xmas jumpers of dubious fashion value.
selfie sticks pretend photo
Then we made a den (against Jof rules) and trashed my room again. When the giant tub of Lego we'd put on the chest of drawers to secure the duvet fell off, it made such a bang on the Edwardian floor joists that one of the lamps in the dining room died. Well, who's counting, apart from Bud who had to replace the bulb.

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