Saturday, 27 December 2014

A 3-car Family

playzone soft play paulsgrove coshamThe last Saturday of the year so I had a quality sulk as only a preenager can. Driving up to North End we found the new hideout of the man that had sold Jof a car and did complicated things with paperwork. She drove it home unsteadily but didn't get lost this time. Now we have to scrap off Nanna's old car.
She was keen for me to find an actual registered activity, not simply fritter away yet another day playing Minecraft and watching TV, while playing the "Can't make me" game with Bud.
1. He says, go read a book. I say, I'll just finish this episode of the Simpsons, only 5 minutes left. I change channels to a Simpsons that has 25 minutes left.
2. He says, I saw that. Go read your book. I say, but Jof said I could Minecraft. He says, you're barred, read me 50 pages before you craft again.
3. Jof is watching cookery program, so I join her in protected mode. He says go read your book, so I go upstairs and play in the box.
4. He says, go read your book. But I've wasted so much time we have to go shopping, and I haven't even got dressed yet.
There's only so far this game can go before Boxes are destroyed and Minecraft is uninstalled so I read my book in the car to Horizones in Havant, a soft play centre where I once broke my arm on an obstacle designed to be safe for the over-2s.
playzone cosham slides mazes and kids birthday partiesI also had a birthday party there once. Their website said they were open till 4 but the lady on the desk said we shut at 2, darling, innit.
Jof became somewhat disgruntled so on the off-chance we drove to the soft play in Cosham called PlayZone, I had a birthday party there too once, but failed to break any limbs. It was open and had big slides so we chased and attacked and hid and slid and took turns reading Harry Potter 5, we're all on different pages but we only have 1 bookmark.
I found a portal surrounded by string that looks familiar so I did a Terminator pose in it. I refused to do the biggest red slide but I'm still 8, for 2 more days anyway.

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