Saturday, 13 December 2014


lino cardboard inner tube B+Q portsmouthUp late to much acclaim.
I really didn't want to go out because of reading Harry Potter but he forced me to so I sulked along and we saw the detached house for sale by the park, nice big garden but our house is nicer. Then we bought lots of cleaning equipment in big B+Q which is all for the new brass shell cases, French and German ones from World War 1.
Then he asked the chap in the carpet section if we could have a length of carpet tube and we were given six or so feet of tubular goodness. Apparently it's a vital accessory for my Xmas box, maybe it needs a chimney!
So I carried it home along the main road, attracting many confused glances from passers-by. Bud of course was carrying cleaning materials, not sure which one of us was most embarrassed. It was a lovely sunny day but distinctly cold: on balance I'd rather be back in Africa or similar.
giant clam and lambis shells from red sea jeddahThe last time I was 15 (1985) I lived in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia, half-way up the Red Sea on the right) and spent Fridays on the reef diving for seashells. Here I am with a clam and 2 Lambis shells that I pulled from the sea by Tafeah, very difficult to get the clam back because it was so heavy.
So because Jof was working, I read and Bud buffed his bullets and Jof came back and we sat in different rooms doing our thing, nice to have a house big enough to do that. Meanwhile, Pompey were being beaten at home by Accrington Stanley. Who's Accrington...? Then we dropped her off at Bens' house to go out drinking with the PuddleMummies so I chose Running Man for my film, I really wanted Alien V Predator but I have to watch Alien and Alien 2 first so I know the characters and simply didn't have the time.

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