Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hanging Ten, Folding Time

level 2 award portsmouth gymnastics centreteacher asks fat student if he ate his homework funny newspaper articleIt just seems like I'm waiting interminably for something interesting to happen, a limbo period between summer and next summer. Never mind, at least I have Minecraft.
bottle of rose wine fizz as office prizeIn science lessons, Ben and I built an electrical circuit with 2 batteries, a motor and a bulb, all joined by crocodile clips. The motor span and the bulb remained dim. When you put your thumb on the motor to stop it spinning, the bulb lit up! We failed to deduce the reason and Miss M had to go and ask another teacher. There was yet more cardboard to bring out of the car today, I got the triple shotgun which I dubbed the AK74 and he got the rest.
In gymnastics we did the thing where 2 runways and trampolines are placed in an X-shape and people from runway A and B run and jump alternately, like in real gymnastics exhibitions. Bradley ran across at the wrong time and caused a collision. But then we got playtime and I made yet another den-nest in the foam pit and I was on guard duty and they had 2 passwords to get in, DragonsNest and GoggleFunk, not my choice. I was awarded Badge 2, but not for the den.
Jof was awarded a bottle of Brut Spumante Rose de Salici, (which all sounds a bit rude) for being Most Helpful Person in her office.

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