Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's Good to be the King

Today my servants got me a Princess. Pops came to pick me up just when I wasn't wearing any trousers and I did 4 hours of parking and food. I don't like butter. It's not that it wouldn't melt, it's just the taste so I carefully dismantled the lunchtime sandwiches that Mrs Pops made for me and did the face that she likes so much.
milton park portsmouthMrs Pops has a thing for me and once I'd finished being hugged goodbye, she said why doesn't Pops get one too so I lifted her up and tripped over my bike and we crashed to the ground, all a bit unrequired really.
It's lucky I was with them because there was only really dull stuff going on at home. The front door has been repainted and so have the garage doors and the windowframes and Jof has used a whole tube of filler trying to fill in all the holes in the boiler room and additional voluntary shower room. The brass numbers are missing from the door while the paint dries so the house is currently going incognito. Predictably, hordes of insects flew in from miles around to become entombed in the sticky paint for all time, I guess we shall have to put that on the house particulars when we sell.
But then it was rush rush rush because second appointment was with Ben for park cricket, although he had to be very penitent to be allowed to play following an Argument.
We all took turns and Ben has a better bowling action than me but I am a better Wicket Keeper.
Jof helped me build forts and then we played more Risk. I think Jof is about to be defeated.

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