Wednesday, 25 September 2013

La Vie dans l'Oubliette

funny bubbles in wine bottle looks like a skullGot out of the shower last night to find that my room has been tidied - only Lego left on the floor. For someone with as busy a room as mine, that's practically a padded windowless cell.
Anyway, we took Harry home from school. This is 'Football' Harry, who now says he doesn't like football any more, which eats away at the core of his identity.
lego tank castle defence structureIt was a Lego playdate, cooked up by the parents at Bradleys' pub garden party. So that's what we did: but only for 50 minutes until his mother came to collect him as they were already late for swimming. During the Lego session, the school office rang up to say had we got one of their pupils? The "Walking Bus" (sounds like something out of the Flintstones) was missing a child and schools get very edgy when one of their little charges is abducted. Yes, we said, we do indeed have an extra child, and his Dad should remember to tell the walking bus next time.
Grandma will be allowed home in a couple of days, once the pack animals have been loaded with all the potions, pills and palliatives.

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