Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tried by the Centre Court

municipal tennis courts portsmouthGot up nice and late and was clad only in a dressing gown when Bud came home at the crack of noon.
autumnal tennis match milton park portsmouthBefore she went shopping, Jof set us unreasonable tasks ie take Erin's birthday present round to her (only 2 weeks late) and Elizabeth's Tupperware pot. I moaned about having to move off the sofa, why do I never get to do what I want? Erin was out so we left it for her. Beth was in and challenged us to family tennis so I selected the adult sized tennis bat because I kept missing with the kids size one. Plus I don't 'Serve' the ball, I Deal it.
Before we'd even started I announced that we were rubbish and we certainly lived up to our promise. Beth could only serve at right angles to the court: our speciality was to smash it out of the court, both run outside to retrieve it, and not notice that a passer-by had thrown it back in for us. We all got quite hot so hit the park instead. Just when we were playing piggy-in-the-middle, BethsMum said come back to ours so I did that, got a couple of hours of Beth before Jof picked me up for lunch, only 4 hours late.
Overall, a quiet day punctuated by arguments and complaints.

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