Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Worthy Sandpark (dig it)

do not climb on the rocks warning signDrillerman came back this morning and continued to excavate the back yard. New strata seem to be exposed at every turn.
But we left again and this time it was to visit Obscure Cousin Margaret in Boring Goring, from where we caught the double-decker bus to Worthing, for she had found me a new park to try out. With us today was Equally Obscure Cousin John, her half-brother (89). They were separated as children by bombs during the war and didn't meet again for a further 31 years.
wooden frame play area with sand pitsWorthing seafront itself is great, with a seriously long promenade but a lot of the fa├žade is somewhat shabby. At 'Splash Point', a grid of giant slate blocks hide little water squirters that throw up a mist when you trigger the system, I used it to cool down.
denton gardens splash point worthingThe new wooden climbing frame park by Denton Gardens is very good indeed. It's not very big but has pirate ship, tunnels, frames, a Loch Ness Monster, 2 sand excavators etc and a volleyball court and large seagull population. As I was in there, some kids lost their sandwiches to gulls when they left the lid off their lunchbox.
brick lined concrete crazy golf worthing seafrontLunch beckoned and we chose a restaurant called 'Macaris' and I polished off my sausage, egg and chips to applause.
By the park is a minigolf. For a mere £6.50 I got the chance to lose 90-62 and got quite angry. The accent here is on slopes: mostly taking you away from the holes and all of them desperately unfair. However the facility has no fence so if you are a local, you can come down after hours and play with your own balls.
digging up back yard for concrete re-screedI got 7 more minutes on the sand excavator while a massive sea mist suddenly rolled in before we had to go back for the bus. I got very sulky about that. But we reached my gymnastics lesson on time. Drillerman has exposed several new pipes, cables and unknown metal frame things that we didn't know we had.
I have finally lost my first game of Risk (slight sulk). I'll be back.

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  1. Been following your page for a couple of years now as I have a grandson the same age and as i live in 'the north' it gives me ideas as to where to take him on day trips. He is also a massive lego fan and loves a new play park. I like the humour in the commentary as well!


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