Saturday, 7 September 2013

Taking a dive for the team

triton scuba safety training highland road southseaI am injured. While I reckon it was a stress fracture caused by a twisted leg in the football match yesterday, it has proved useful as I got carried to the Triton SCUBA diving shop on Highland Road to donate the Siebe + Gorman mining rescue kit to the safety training shop next door.
The actual safety officer is currently diving off Portland taking pictures of triggerfish who have been attracted here by the warmer waters. But his Dad thinks he'll love it and put it in the shop window.
fussball game

Then my ghost writer went off with the PuddleDaddies to visit several beery hostelries, so we met the PuddleKiddies in Yellow Plum Park and I scooted and ran about on my broken leg until it got better.
Later at the JBs we battled and played and dressed up. Scooted home at high velocity and hit the sack showerless.

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