Friday, 20 September 2013

The Haunted House

Jof believes that the house is cursed.
high school basketball lucky goal
Not only has the boiler gone on the fritz now that we're using the central heating, but also the batteries on more than one clock have run out in the last 2 days! If that wasn't enough, keen ears can hear the odd 'Woo, woo' noise (from the shared wall between us and that couple with the 2 small children) and well don't get me started on nocturnal footsteps. The suspicious damp patch on the kitchen ceiling may or may not be a leaky radiator pipe rather than the over-exuberant bath splashing of which I have been accused - watch this space. The pad of ghostly feet often coincides with the sound of the toilet flushing, and there are muffled voices just before the newspaper delivery van drives off from the newsagent over the road. I really must get that Shaman in to chant over the Indian Burial Ground.
school boys sticking tongues out pulling facesEvery day before school we play Gay Circle. We all attempt to push one of our number into the 'Gay Circle', making him the Ringpiece, I suppose. It's difficult to work out quite how we invented the game, but Ginger Lenny is part of it, and he's a year or 2 above us, maybe he is a higher-level initiate to this arcane knowledge. Today we took Ben home because BensMum was at extra school. We went back inside and hunted for my jumper which of course means jumping up and down quacking, that is until Poppy Heartbreaker came back in and ratted us out.
I have a talent for Babbling. Even Ben says I'm talking windy panties. But when we both get an idea, we can babble for England and did so all the way home. "Mr stinkpants illegal bomb stinkbomb x-ray vision farts fwack-a-doodle BUD stands for Butthole Underpants Doctor boobies don't have willies girls have willies but the doctor cuts them off and they wee out of a big hole pssssss and it's electric and it goes in the lorry and 5 sharks take it away and when he poos it's a table-tennis table and its made of poo and wee and people play on it and go oo-er jigglebottom aarking-woww deadly fart gas attack placa-taka-fwaca shut up dooglehead" etc.
blue level of swimming for life lessonsWe also invented the double-buttock clap, seen here without the Boo-yah! jumping aspect. Without us the world would be a duller place.
After he finally left (extra time was allocated for good behaviour, in direct opposition to Prison policy) I swam and got my Blue Hat promotion. One of the teachers was throwing in some plastic tubes with double pink ends, for the students to retrieve: it looked like she was dynamiting fish. I also graunched my shoulder on the side of the pool (first time into the bump book at swimming) and we had to fill in a form about it.

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