Monday, 16 September 2013

Cannot Guarantee Nut Free

funny cartoon about dogs crapping shitting
I did not want to get up today. Then Jof chivvied me and went on and on about my homework so arrived at school in the first bad mood of the week.
Never mind. In my first PE lesson of the entire academic year I impressed so much I have already been chosen for the display team by doing a hedgehog. My impression of a snail was ace and in a bid to get him onto the team I taught Ben to imitate a Peacock although he added unscripted colic, intestinal worms and mushrooms to the mix.
There isn't much competition, everyone else is a bit pants.
The parents got treated to some sleet when waiting for us, lucky it stopped just as I came out.
lego collection in bedroom
Came home the long way around so we could go shopping, I retaliated by walking      v    e    r    y  slowly indeed, lucky I know my way home because he'd gone. I have done my homework and even included the word marilibone (Marylebone).
Ben came for his weekly Lego Hero attack and we scooted to Beavers having made up a new insult for the old people. Basically you start with Poo-brain or similar and add Wacka-sacka-placa on the front, the more stacas the worse the insult.
Blue Bird (she must be cold) said I can move up to Cub Scouts after Xmas, means I can do the 2 day camp. I have opted to do the Beaver sleepover in the church hall, even though last year I didn't get any sleep at all and I had to attend a 2 hour church service in the morning.

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