Monday, 9 September 2013

The Unlikely Lads

time traveller jokeSlightly unusual start to the day when Jof banned me from the back yard as it was getting covered in concrete. Then she promptly took a week off work to paint the secondary shower room and entertain Nanna, who will visit and may get stuck in the concrete if it isn't dry by then.
20 pound notes and schoolgirlSchool was wonderful with my first library lesson, PE lesson (sat on sidelines - no kit), literacy and numeracy lessons. I am in the top maths group with 97% on the test.
On the way out we discovered it was Erin's 8th birthday. I was not able to retrospectively buy her a present so Ben and I escorted her back to hers to trash her room, in the traditional way.
downpour in back gardenHer tinkly giggles rang through the house as she amassed big piles of cash from her cards and a personalised mug while Ben and I provided background hooting.
If we are the genetic future of the species, god help us all.
kids gurningBeth joined us and the heavens opened again, amazing how often that happens at Erin's house. But then there was an argument and time was called, even though we were having a great time.
At home we found that the rainstorm had flooded the whole back yard. The drain had filled with sediment and blocked - he had to climb his own back wall to rod the drain from above, which saved the house from flooding.
At Beavers I have only 1 badge left to get. When I get the full set I get a special badge. Then the camera played up so the really good picture was lost forever. At 945 I was in bed but that was when the delivery guys finally came to install the dishwasher Jof had been waiting all day for.

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