Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The LGBT Timebomb

stupid ugly crying woman on chat showGot up this morning to find a most unusual Lego addition to my room.
I have often heard him saying that your kids are there to be trolled: I had not expected to be told that I am to be gender-reassigned. Instead of bellowing like an immature T. rex (a Tyrannosaurus princeps, surely?) I took it to show Jof, highly proud of the artwork and future potential for PuddleParties, much better than writing rude messages on balloons. I'm now using it to hang all my Lego Minifigures, like some kind of designer vertical dancefloor: a good project for the boys if it rains at Thursday Park tomorrow.
Today was Dentist Day (again?) so I was cheated out of Legotime. The Dentist said I was getting permanent molars and then he painted guck on them and said I couldn't eat for an hour. This was the incisor in the coffin of today's ongoing argument.
lego writing you are a girl funny trolling kidYou see, I get a lunchbox with some cocktail sausages/sausage rolls/quiche portion/pork pie/scotch egg and random grapes/cucumber slice/cherry tomato and a crispy item and a chocolate item. Today I ate only half a sausage roll and the Wotsits. Then I said I was hungry.
Why? Because we sit in the classroom at lunchtime and play make-the-tallest-pyramid out of lunchboxes. Obviously I can't eat my food while playing and then I run out of time (30 minutes).
So I was on hunger punishment anyway, even before the Dentist said I couldn't eat. Whether this teaches me to eat the food provided remains to be seen. Perhaps if my food is supplied in zip-top bags I'll be disqualified from Pyramid-building.....

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