Monday, 30 September 2013

It's bad luck to be Superstitious

there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots, the other wings. donor sibling registry child of donor
Todays' visit to the Grandma I knew and loved before she got ill is back at their old country farmhouse. I was 3 1/2 but the helium balloon is actually for Grandads' 80th birthday. You can't see from here but the walls were 3 feet thick.
funny fail childrens book inappropriateToday we were allowed into the school shop. It is full of laudable education-related items and one KitKat bar, which Erin cornered because we were too slow.
Ben and I got plastic magnifying glasses (plastics) so as soon as we got out, we started detecting germs and aliens and clues and fingerprints and so forth in the playground and Erin kicked me up the bum, which was totally asking for it, sticking up in the air like that.
schoolboys detecting with magnifying glassesBen had the chance to learn Karate (Empty Hand) but instead chose to play BenMax (Empty Head) and while we broke house rules by piling stuff on the bed again, there were raised voices about maths homework from downstairs. We didn't hear because of our raised voices upstairs: we have invented a darts game called "Wheel" in which you throw a Lego Tractor wheel into the Ikea drawers and you get points depending on which drawer you get it in. Of course it's a rubbery toy so doesn't always go where you expect it to.
throw the lego wheel into the ikea drawer cabinet for pointsIn Beavers we still didn't get the last badge I need to up-level to Cubs and we drew favourite items from our lives, such as money, Lego, chocolate and my friends. I drew Ben 5 times, all with outsize heads and possibly some unusually proportioned body parts and all labelled Ben the Girl or LongHead Ben.
I am looking forward to cuddling up with him at the Beaver sleepover again. I hope to get more sleep this time.
Jof made herself Chernobyl Soup (with added Cherenkov effect) and didn't like it so had our leftovers, which were in fact re-heated leftovers.

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