Friday, 13 September 2013

Only in town for someone's birthday

unsafe dangers for children
OK well, this is a late post, sorry, been burning down the bridges tonight.
1. Day of madness at school. We did maths and I helped my poorer classmates who are sadly deficient in the numerical arts.
2. BensMum asked me about my PE kit, hope nobody told her about my recent error.
3. Hurried back for no apparent reason: he purchased some garden furniture even though we don't have a garden.
rose in june copnor portsmouth family public house festivalFor devotees of our glorious city, a quick look (by a paid actor) at how we lived 25 years before I was born. Telly Savalas says "Who's looking at your baby" in halting speech with dreadful music and dated shots of parts of the town both new and old with long-forgotten fashions and long-scrapped cars. I've climbed that castle! I've paddled for coins in that fountain! I've been up that clocktower! And many other favourites.....(7 minute video) Thank you to Follower Martin for this chance to relive the past you thought you'd forgotten.
rose in june portsmouth family pubAnyway, after swimming I drove to the Rose In June Public house (right by the old Lifer's prison that has recently shut for lack of money) which has proved useful to the assembled PuddleParents following past May Day Festivals at St Mary's Church (see my main picture from the bellringer's tower).
candy flossIt's by the railway and I was invited there by 'Bradley the Beaver' and classmate companion whose Auntie owns the pub, rather handy there. Because of swimming I was there late but that didn't stop me joining in with all my co-conspirators on the bouncy castle, the DJ-in-the-marquee and the actually quite good trestle tables of food ranging from jelly to satay chicken onna stick lumpios.
rose queen hogs back brewery salisbury wiltshireWe had to wait Freakin' ages for the lengthy candy floss queue: Bud stood in for me for some of it and then I decided I didn't like it. I had the pink version but the blue one was no better.
candy flossThe DJ played everything with a beat from Wrong Direction to Psy Gangnam Style and we all had a right old boogie when we weren't on the bouncy castle in the pouring rain which made it all extra slippery and muddy.
I got jumped on leading to a howl-round but soon recovered. All of us were totally soaked but that's just part of it.
After 'Happy Birthday' Jof picked us up and I had a much-deserved shower and bed, 10pm.

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