Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Happy Birthday Jof

septic tanks and swimming pools funny signOK, so it started badly. I have left my only other school jumper at school so had to go in Cold Turkey. Jof was not looking forward to working on her birthday even before I started to make life difficult with attitude and arguments.
Meanwhile Grandma went into hospital for tests and obviously failed because they kept her in. I am not sure whether they were maths tests.
I got told off at school because new tearaway "Oakley" also likes telling on people to get them into trouble, diverting the attention of the authorities from his own misdemeanours. I was only talking in the IT suite.
meon school portsmouth milton playgroundAnyway, when I finally got out of school, he sent me back in to get at least one jumper to bring home. Turn back, twice, nay thrice, Dick Bleedin' Whittington, by the time I'd sourced one that was clearly not mine but un-named, we were 20 minutes late and the only other person around was hoovering. They'd locked the gates and we had to use the office door. It was still raining.
jo macnamara florist winter road portsmouthThe slow trudge home wasted even more of my Lego time. Jof had banned me from TV and PC for losing jumpers so I was in no hurry. He made us go into a florist and I had to write a card. We only had enough time to eat a pork pie and an apple, but as I wasn't allowed TV, I wasn't just sitting there staring with my mouth open, it actually had pie in it.
After gym, Jof had cheered up and we battled Monopoly for a bit until she wanted birthday pizza. I could hear her shouting at the computer for not magically beaming down easy-to-understand pizza like they do in Star Trek so Bud went and got fish'n'chips.

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