Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blank Day: a New Hope

use the force destroy death star final bombing runI had specifically requested a blank day without the forced route-marching, Yomping, 12-mile bike rides, 5-mile scooter rides, badlands orienteering etc that has characterized my holiday so far.
ocd cartoon circle not closedSo I woke Jof up at ten past 7 and screamed and barked on the bed, as you do.
While the builder dug up scrap metal from the yard, I played computer games and watched TV for ages until we finished the Lego project. Normally, this video (1 minute, requires sound) would require Lego walls of at least 10 inches in height but I'm going to my new Junior school tomorrow so we wanted to clear the decks a little. Ideally you have to imagine a cross between Luke Skywalker making his final bombing run on the Death Star and a ghost train-style journey through a post-nuclear Zombie apocalypse warzone.
Then we checked how long it'll take me to walk to school (11 minutes) and it was back to cartoons.

I was actually happy that it's the last day of the hols because I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and doing the whole "New School" thing. My lights were off for 9pm, a record.
Incidentally, is a Cornish Pay-per-kiss Girlie a Plymouth Hoe?

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