Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hold your donkeys (if you have no horses)

You can't hurry love
When I was a child, I spake as a child
and the girls said wait until you're older.
In my spotty teens, I wore the drainpipe jeans
so let's not wait forever, I told her,
for by then I'd got much bolder.
It seems an age 'ere in the grass I roll'd her
it occurs to me perhaps I should have sold her
Every girl I meet goes in my failure folder
is it me or are they getting colder?
nowadays I don't even get to hold her
Let's hurry love or my bits will start to moulder
              Oh. Too late.
it looks like you are trying to make words. consult a dictionary?Got to school just as it started to rain, splendid luck, but less so for Jof who had to walk home.
I now start the day reading, great way to pass the time until we are called for class (riotous) assembly.
Yet again I had to sit out the half-hour PE lesson because I still have no PE kit. The bench you have to sit on is most uncomfortable.
At going home time, I was relaying this sad information when he said do you not look in the rucksack you have been carrying to and from school all week? There is your PE kit, you total pilchard. I have elected not to tell anyone about this oversight.
Anyway, Nanna was still here so we played the second half of the Totopoly game in which your horses race around the course and burst blood vessels and get boxed in and find it heavy going in soft soil or whatever else horses do.
Mine went backwards a lot and Nanna won the race and I came away with no money.
board game on dining tableWhile they did secret things I nipped down to Thursday Park and the boys were arguing about who had a scooter or a football and we tried to knock bits off the roof with the football and there was a certain amount of wrestling I think.
boys climbing on each other
But then Nanna had to go so we put her on the train and made sure she didn't get off again like Colonel Matrix in Commando. She gave me a secret envelope which directed me to my own front door (handy, that) and a second clue directed me to the kitchen roll drawer where a third suggested I look upstairs for the treasure that they had been hiding while I was in the park. I got a bag with my name on, some Belgian chocolates and coins and a Lego FireBike.

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