Monday, 23 September 2013

Like Buses, all at once

funny engrish warning sign wet floor due to cleaningAnother excellent day at school, the highlight was when Ben brought me back a Kinder Egg car I'd left at his place.
The leak in the ceiling from Bedroom 3 right through to the kitchen has been getting worse so just when I was selecting a snack (I don't like food any more), boilerman came to sort it out. So he wandered around the house banging on pipes and drilling floorboards and stuff, and I kept thinking it was Ben knocking at the front door.
But then Grandad rang to say that Grandma has terminal cancer and will shortly leave the building.
radiator pipes under floorboardsThen Ben arrived and we legged it upstairs while the others tried to have tea while boilerman scattered hosepipes and spanners around the house. We were all nice and quiet because we're good at doing that: it was all a fib really because we'd piled my bedroom on my bed and I mean all of it.
Because we'd been specifically ordered to destroy nothing, this earned me a whump (whap on the rump) and we were summarily turfed out to go to Beavers.
furniture piled on bed gameI grumped all the way through the park about unfairness until we spied an oak tree and threw acorns at each other. Ben even managed to cricket one with a twig! We filled our pockets with the pointy yet pointless seeds.
Bensmum dropped me home and Jof played cardboard creations with me until Bud got home from seeing Grandma in the rather grim yet disinfected hospital. She wants to use her money to send me to the private school: I really wanted to go last year but I'm 3 weeks into a new year with all my friends so I'm in a bifurcated mind about it. On the one hand, I could have fun in Ben's conga line in class: on the other, I could use words like bifurcated.
Jof didn't take kindly to the room of destruction. I can hear the workshop inspection pit being hoovered out in preparation.

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