Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blanket Day

horrible boys play with lego and rubbishUp at 0945 again, seems like a good time so I'm sticking to it.
This weekend I have my first homework. I have not managed to bring it home so I have already failed.
Ben came round to help make Lego Heroes and report on his football match (only lost 0-4 this time) and all the balloons were killed. Erin had a good time yesterday writing messages on them, mostly attacking us chaps. This one says "Horrible boys play with Lego and rubbish".
Then the whole house got hoovered. This means I had to tidy away all my Lego, ErinsDad thought I didn't have a carpet in my room because all you can see is Lego but I assure you, there is one, but you can only see it on hoovering day.
Because of the hectic day yesterday, We have elected to spend the rest of it in contact with blankets: 2 Stargates, 3 films, 2 sofas. This is the life. Anyway, it was raining.

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