Tuesday, 24 September 2013

And they call it Poppy Love

oriental engrish funny carved wooden signpost It seems that my life has become more complicated recently, and I yearn for a return to a simpler era in which I could play puppies with Poppy, light sabre attack with Johnny and Bobert, and unearth-the-artefact with Ben. Instead I have to remember my jumper, reading log, homework, to actually eat my lunch, all these unknown variables. Life can only get easier, right? So I'm told anyway.
All 3 of us were late out of school today. Erin was first out only 7 minutes after the doors were opened, I was last although Ben came out, saw he was before me, and went back in again. My excuse is that I was voluntarily holding the door open for everybody coming out of assembly in order to gain one house point. Or it could just be that I don't want to leave, and I'm hoping if I stay behind long enough I'll level-up to being a boarder.
conker collection horse chestnuts by little kid
Proud Conker Owner, 2007
tray of acorns as collected by kid
Not Much Better, 2013
On the way home we stopped off to pick up acorns. This is my latest obsession, following on from the conkers (which I still call coconuts) of yesteryear. For years I collected conkers, like every other kid, and squirrelled them away in the loft in labelled and dated boxes. The year after we reassessed this habit, we had a very good year for compost.
Grandma has requested scented candles and joss sticks for her upcoming deterioration and exit and so we drove to Southsea and had a very long conversation about how long you can keep a dead person in the hospital fridges and so forth.
The first shop seemed to be called Polio but I'm sure that's just a badly painted shop sign. Once the assistant had woken up we got incense sticks of various foreign flavours to remind her of her time in west Africa and the Rub' al Khali.
The second shop sold us a lavender-scented candle for a mere £8, the only one that didn't smell horrible, with titles like Raspberry and Airport, and Penguin and Sweetcorn.
We only just got to Gym on time and had to collect the laundry afterwards where the serving wench of minimal waistline asked where my London Underground duvet cover set was from. (ASDA). My Gym class is now so big we have had to split badge-testing day over 2 sessions so I have to wait a week for the practical.

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