Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kissing into the wind

school advert board fail
Ahoy there, me mateys! It is Talk like a Pirate Day once more, yer scurvy bilge rats.....
Anyway. Today I developed 5 wobbly teeth, less than 24 hours after
the dentist told me to expect more loose teeth. I left blood on my morning Zombie apple, but I ate it anyway.
I ate all my lunch but only had 5 minutes to make Pyramids-of-lunchboxes because some of my class are really slow at getting changed after PE and we have to wait for everybody.
argument over lego mine and cargo delivery systemIt rained for ages so Thursday Park was off. We would have to wear either a massive Wellington
boot/wetsuit ensemble or swimming trunks and big smile combo, didn't have either with me so went home.
Luckily, Ben and the JBs came to help me play Lego. This went very well for the usual amount of time and we created a cargo transport system to rival that of the Victorians.
But then we required Jaffa cakes and TV and some of us were so loud the rest couldn't hear the TV so we got the weapons out and ran around the house shouting and attacking the imaginary invaders, using walkie-talkies. It is fairly pointless using radio beacons when you're indoors and are shouting louder than the radios.
Then assailant A wanted co-conspirator B's gun, thug B kicked assassin A in the bottie, Bandit A chopped Bushwhacker B with large sword, usual stuff. When apologies were not made due to parallel howls, it was home time for the belligerent bandits to head home. Ah, whatever. We got an hour's constructive construction.

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