Thursday, 5 September 2013

Last of the Summer Whine

police car drove off with gas pump nozzleHere at last! My first day at big school. Well, bigger school. First thing to talk about was a car on its roof in the middle of the road, with airbags deployed and police all around. Difficult to work out how it managed it. Not as impressive as the Isle of Sheppey crash today in which over 100 vehicles collided in thick fog, a whole bunch of shunts with nobody dead.
Today I found out that both Ben and Poppy are in my class, so the best of both worlds there. The parents think that Ben and I will be permanently separated within 2 days, what do they know, we purposefully chose to be on different tables.
children playing near a dog waste binIt was mostly a get-to-know day which was really easy. I already know loads of Beaver friends, some gym friends including the Twins-who-have-a-bright-future-in-panto, and the Puddlers. Overall it was a great school day and I'm glad to be back. Someone's older sister says that Level 6 on the big tour of Literacy is an Asian book of tremendous length, I am already quivering in my booties.
football training brick wall and double doorsAt going home time I took Pops back to mine to have brioche and juice but then Baby Edward kicked off a bit so we joined the rest of them for Park Thursday - Resurrected! We were nearly a full Puddle Racket. Ben, Harry and I had scooters and we tried really hard to stop Erin joining in until she got sad and I lent her mine.
Scooter Teams 'Rocket' and 'Cunning Stunts' are battling for a place in the final. It is difficult to know when we might stop whining.
When the JBs finally arrived, we noticed their fine French suntans and we played football until I got miffed with Bob too and while I was getting told off for attitude and whining during supper, I got a severe attack of hurting legs which brought sympathy and a cessation of chastisement.
I think that will be the last of the summer whine as it will rain tomorrow.

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