Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yo Ho Ho and a Bucket of Acorns

terminal bowel cancer patient in wheelchairMostly a day with Jof as he went to take Obscure Cousin Margaret to see Grandma, who is Not Going To Make It. Thus I watched 2 films and did some homework and lazed around until he got back at 5pm, only 2 hours late.
I am currently garage obsessed so dragged him straight out there to add draught and noise-excluding foam to the false wall and presently Jof joined us to start putting together the little metal patio heater fireplace thing. OK, so we got all the nuts and bolts the wrong way round but who's counting.
boy holding giant umbrellaThe dartboard is now up as are some Pompey posters from when we won the FA cup and a newspaper cutting about a beer festival with some familiar faces. Amazingly, the oche (where you throw the darts from) is the edge of the inspection pit: it's almost as if the garage builder had planned to convert it into a pub.
But I had to have some exercise so I took a bucket of acorns to the park (as you do), forgot my original plan and collected conkers, like every normal boy. Not sure what I'm going to do with them but the bits of plastic piping with right angles and Y-shaped bits that I roll them down will be very busy. On the way back, Jof found an electric patio heater in the passageway. Perhaps we can fit out our pub free of charge. If anyone has beer mats or other public house ephemera we'd be delighted to take them off your hands. Or we could just buy the Old Canal Inn (offers circa £285,000, exactly twice the size of our house).
I am 126.6 cm tall, a veritable snifter under the 4 foot 2 I'm supposed to be at this age.

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