Friday, 27 September 2013

The Norwegian Takeaway

funny engrish fail menu item patty in assortmentGreat start to the day. Neither of us wanted to get up and walk in to school. So magically, PopsMum (who totally loves me) stopped and gave me a lift in style, in the back seat with Pops.
there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other wings hodding carterThe Grandma picture for today is at Farmer Giles' Play Farm near Salisbury, Wiltshire, where you can feed more animals than you can shake a bacon buttie at. I was only 2 and still an object of curiosity to the old people.
Today we did no work at all (like the heat death of the universe) and spent the day colouring in etc. I got Table Points so was awarded the Ladybird (a cuddly toy, makes sitting on the carpet more comfortable) and Naughty Oakley rugbied me totally when I was wearing it. But I saw him coming and fell forward into a front support gymnastics position, like the good little Badge 6 I am. The teacher saw this and gave him 2 ticks against his name on the board. If you get 3, you have to go into the corridor for 5 minutes. What kind of a punishment is this, cried Bud. I remember the days of the plimsoll and cane.....
In my homework this weekend, I have a numeracy sheet as well as the usual spelling/comprehension. Miss Jackson's numeracy challenge (Take a spin, see if you win, on the wordplay jackpot) is about partitioning which you only need to know about if you can't calculate 14 + 16 in your head in 12 picoseconds. But I think Miss Jackson needs to go back to Year 2 as she's written "Calcilations" AND "Caculations" in the same paragraph and called it "Partitoning", srsly, WTF, OMG....
At the House-warming party, the PuddleParents said we had to fit out our garage as a pub and the yard as a pub garden. We have many ideas on this front. But the most important thing ..... what do we call it? We have to get one of those little neon signs that goes fizzle in the Simpsons, you know the ones.
The Puddlers Arms                                                    The Garage Door Club
The Kings Shed                                                          Pit and Sawdust
The Royal Oik                                                          Upanover Bar
The Barley Lawnmower                                            Winter Warmer
The Landrovers Return                                              South Sea Bubble
Radiator Bar and Grille                                              Norwegian Takeaway (you can't affjord it)
Feel free to add your own ideas, I'm sure you can do better!

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