Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Heisenberg, the Uncertain Principality of

empty plate in restaurant - steal food from parents platesHeisenberg is the smallest principality in Europe. This diminutive dominion was last recorded in 1735 and presumed lost to bubonic plague or ravaging by a passing army. But the slippery state is so small it has become a quantum object full of uncertainty. If you can measure its momentum, you cannot fix its position, unlike its previous city-state neighbour, the more constant Planck.
Therefore the Uncertain Principality of Heisenberg travels on through time and space, unplottable and tax-free.
proud nanna with grandkidSchool was kinda average today, I did get knocked over in the playground but with my gymnastics training I saved my precious face from kissing the concrete and scuffed only the palms of my hands so didn't have to attend the first aid station.
When I got back, a surprise was waiting for me. Nanna! This is why I wasn't able to go to the park with my friends, not so bad I suppose as I'll be going tomorrow. I impressed her with my uniform, ability to bounce around crooning without being able to hear being told to stop, and general all-round grooviness.
We spent the afternoon playing Totopoly and snap, and I taught her dominoes. Meanwhile cutting and sticking boxes arrived from the loft in preparation for the PuddleParty and PatioMan finished off outside.
He had to hire 2 take'n'tip rubble removers: the garage door opened for the second time ever to allow egress of the 60 bags of rubble.

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