Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life is a Freeway (but it's not free)

there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. one is roots; the other wings hodding carter donor sibling registryThis is Xmas dinner 2009, just a few days before I turned 4. Grandma could always do those complicated meals that arrive on 19 different dishes, need 7 different cutleries, feed 7 different armies, and yet magically appear all at the same time. It's possible that she was assisted by a robot called "Hostess Trolley 1973"  but I never saw it.
thomas the tank engine methamphetamine funnyAt the time I'd not got the hang of smiling nicely for the camera, it always ended up in some kind of manic grin-rictus. It tickled Grandma.
My homework is due in tomorrow so I had to finish transferring the rough copy to the neat booklet to hand in. I did have a huff when he wouldn't do it for me and I hope that Jof doesn't see the green pen scribbles all over the front of my work shirt.
My huff/sulk/hormonal discharge continued all the way to gymnastics and because I hadn't eaten my lunch I didn't get any snacks. The reason I didn't eat the watermelon I so craved and the packed lunch I chose for myself is ..... laughing. I just can't help it when everyone else is having fun at lunchtime and then all of a sudden, the break is over and I haven't quite got around to opening my lunch. It's not my fault! BensMum says he's been a twit or a scat or a shack or something recently, quite possible that I am doing exactly the same thing.
Still, Jof doesn't know about this so she played me Monopoly.

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