Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hot off the Press (but a bit cold)

funny egyptian cartouche of pharaoh vomiting hieroglyphicsInvented an arcade game "Mein Kraft" in which you build defensive walls out of cubes, muse on the nature of being and crush Poland under the jackboots of your advancing stormtroopers, chased by blue ghosts called Wiesenthals.
Today it was very cold. By the time I walked to school it had warmed up a bit from the original 6º C but I still wanted gloves and a hat for the return journey.
portsmouth local news paper Today we examined an aqueous solution of food colouring being drawn up the phloem of celery sticks by osmosis in order to study plant physiology. This went really well until Naughty Oakley took the sticks and threw them against the wall. I think he may be excommunicated soon. Or repatriated. Or whatever.
portsmouth scouts share in community lotto cash giveaway shareout winnersI was first out of class! First time for everything, follows a tardiness-related diatribe, more on diatribes next week. I was given the woolly hat with the big ear-flaps which made it difficult to see where I was scooting.
Ben came back to ours because his Mum has to go back to school (see me after class, Miss S, just let me polish up my cane) and he laughed at me not eating a banana in one mouthful.
The other mildly lukewarm news of the day is that Ben and I are the front page splash of the local newspaper. In the article, the Portsmouth Scouts rejoice in being given a cash bonus of £10,000 to spend on equipment. This cash-tastic news is only slightly marred by our Dear Leaders' admission that our group were a little slow off the mark in applying so we won't actually get any. We look happy anyway. This is the second time we've been in the paper (article on our nursery) and the PuddleDaddies have been in it 2 years running (beer festivals).
Ben and I played football and races with the JBs and others but it was a bit parky in the park so we simply came home and continued Lego Mania.

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