Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Say it with Flowers

childhood like being drunk funny
Poor old Ben got his head bumped today by the same head-banger that got me yesterday. OK, so he was standing a little close to the door, Bradley opened it right into him.....
We made cup cakes. Well, the cakes were Blue Peters (here's one I made earlier) and we got to add icing and sprinkles. Mine did not survive the journey home in less than 27 pieces so I have saved it specially for Jof.
lopophora williamsii peyote cacti mescalineToday we had a planned blank day for personal projects. I needed to continue my jet fighter diorama and he needed to repot the peyote cacti, a quasi-annual delight last completed 2 years ago.
Thus we had nearly 2 hours of being at opposite ends of the house, far enough away for me to sing and roar to my hearts' content.
Later we discussed my birthday party. The rest of the Puddlers seem to have split down party lines (football for the boys) but I want something inclusive and thrice as big to make up for not having one last year. Vegas? Phineas and FerbWorld? Undecided.

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