Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Castigated by Termagant: Go back 3 spaces

failing F for sex underage id card funny failLast night Jof played me at Charades. I had a gamely stab at it but I simply don't have the life experience to get very far. If it was all about Dr Doofenschmirtz and the Marvellous Avengers I'd be OK. Speaking of which, I was watching said Avengers yesterday when the Unbelievable Hulk said "We require a contingency plan". Most un-Hulk-like, if you ask me.
All day it rained horribly but I'd booked a clear ride home so it was lovely and sunny and all the Mummies waiting in the playground in their giant overcoats got very hot.
I brought home: a flyer for the Portsmouth Summer Fair, Lord Mayors Bike Ride and Picnic (21st September 2013). I really want to go to this event 3 weeks ago.
I also brought back my official school photo (individual, not group) which I think I'll take to Grandma this weekend.
schoolkids in bedroomAnd I brought back one item that's even better-looking than a photo of me (if that's possible) - a Pops. Haven't had her in weeks, er, so we arranged all my toys on the floor and made a train track.
Henry the 8th got top billing and we made an impregnable castle and shot airborne invaders with a telescope.
During the search for suitable castle-building equipment, I discovered an unopened box of Snappits (twisted bits of paper with sand and cordite that you throw to make bangs) and decided to bin them. Perhaps I was being unduly influenced by Pops.
I have several spherical magnets that are supposed to be for fridges etc but they're nowhere near as good as our disc drive magnets, so they live in my toybox. I discovered that if you stick 2 magnetic balls on the outside of the front of your trousers, and all the rest inside, they will stick there and you can jiggle your balls at the ladies and make them both turn their eyes skywards. It's a boy thing.
civil service financial mismanagement office cartoon
The second showing of Blind Uncle Len's office cartoons sees the storyboard of the film that was never made. It's got everything - great white elephants, armed robbers, faceless men in suits, explosions, girlies, enraged bulls and accounting errors. Those Magnificent Men and their Adding Machines have a lot to answer for.
So after supper, I was babbling as usual and some wag in the audience said "On and on and on he goes, when he'll stop nobody knows".

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