Tuesday, 8 October 2013

For a few Conkers More

squishee milkshake funny engrish fail
I had another head-bump message in my schoolbag today - not the usual 'collided with unnamed pupil while running around in the yard at playtime' but 'Bradley deliberately dropped books on my head'. Of course, Jof gets the heads-up about a bumped head via text message so she phoned to see how I was - I'd forgotten it. Will she ever learn.
school origami project and walnutAll the way home I serenaded the villagers with our new school song "Bum Bum toastie Bum" and I hope all my friends have done the same. It's all about covering a bum in butter and toasting it.
I also brought home an origami cat with jetpacks and folding instructions. Here it is with unrelated walnut.
After fantastic gymnastics I made Lego jet fighters.

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